Report: “Early Access to Work Authorization”

NIWAP’s report “Early Access to Work Authorization for VAWA Self-Petitioners and U Visa Applicants,” published last year, summarizes the purpose, history, and importance of work authorization for immigrant survivors of domestic violence. It also summarizes a 2013 NIWAP survey of service providers about the length of time their clients spent waiting for work authorization, what they did during the waiting period, and their experiences after receiving work authorization.

The initial process of obtaining a work authorization often takes too long and exposes immigrant survivors of violence to retaliation, coercion, and further harm including incidents of violence and abuse.

Learn more from the report, linked below:

Early Access to Work Authorization for VAWA Self-Petitioners and U Visa Applicants
By: Krisztina E. Szabo, David Stauffer, Benish Anver, and Leslye E. Orloff
February 12, 2014

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