NIWAP Newsletter: February 2015 edition

Vol. 1 • Issue 3 • February 2015

In this Issue:

Request A Training

NIWAP is pleased to announce that we can bring training to your state. We provide training on for police, prosecutors, judges, advocates and/or attorneys. Thanks to State Justice Institute (SJI) grant and the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), NIWAP is developing curricula for law enforcement and prosecutors on best practices, language access, and the U visa.  NIWAP has also developed and tested workshops, half day and full day trainings around the country for judges and court staff. Training faculty includes NIWAP Director, Leslye Orloff, and a special team of law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and other subject matter experts from around the country  to best address the needs of your jurisdiction.  Contact us at or 202-274-4457 with training requests.

Law Enforcement interested in a training in their jurisdiction can fill out this online form to request a training:

Judges and Court staff interested in requesting a free training can learn more at

Visit our website for materials from past trainings:

* * *


July 29-30: NIWAP Conference in New Orleans, LA

NIWAP will be hosting its annual OVW sponsored national conference on July 29-30, 2015: Community of Responders: A Holistic Approach to Survivors of Abuse. This conference will feature plenaries discussing sexual violence in the workplace, trauma informed approaches, building partnerships between law enforcement and advocates, and best practices for working with immigrant survivors in rural communities.  Faculty will include experienced judges, attorneys, advocates, and law enforcement.  Please make plans to join us and stay tuned to this newsletter and our website for more information or email  View the draft agenda for this year’s conference at our web library.  To view materials from last year’s training, visit our web library at

* * *

Futures without Violence Training Opportunity

The U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women in partnership with Futures Without Violence is presenting a conference May 13, 14 & 15, 2015 in San Francisco, California.  The deadline to apply is March 20, 2015.

As a result of this training participants will be better able to:

  • Initiate multi-disciplinary collaborative strategies in responding to trafficked victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Define and clarify individual and organizational roles and responsibilities in responding to trafficked victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Develop culturally competent and linguistically accessible approaches for effective case management to assist trafficked victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Enhance knowledge on the legal options, assistance and benefits that are available for trafficked victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Identify and respond to adult international trafficked victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault; and
  • Create an action plan to develop and implement a collaborative response to addressing human trafficking in your community

Additional information and the application are available online:
If you have any questions, please contact Mónica Arenas at or 415-678-5519.

* * *

Upcoming Healthcare Webinar

Healthcare: Understanding the Affordable Care Act and How it Affects Immigrant Survivors.

This webinar will provide information and resources on current laws governing access to healthcare, insurance and subsidies for immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and human trafficking.  It will be presented by NIWAP in partnership the California Coalition against Sexual Assault.  This free webinar will take place April 16, 2015 at 2:00pm EST. Keep an eye out for the registration form, which will be posted in a few weeks!

* * *

Free Technical Assistance for Judges, Law Enforcement, Attorneys, and Advocates

NIWAP offers technical assistance to advocates, attorneys, social services and health care providers, justice system personnel, and others working with immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking. To submit your questions, email or you can call NIWAP at 202-274-4457. Be sure to provide a description of the issue so we can better assist you. Examples of questions we’ve addressed in the past:

  • Who can certify a U visa and under what circumstances?  What does a U visa certification actually mean to the certifier?
  • How does VAWA confidentiality operate in a family court context?
  • Are courts required to have interpreters for limited English proficiency (LEP) speakers and deaf persons?
  • What public benefits are available to VAWA self-petitioners, U visa, and T visa applicants?
  • Who can certify a U visa and under what circumstances?
  • What are immigrant’s options to attain legal immigration status and protection from deportation?
  • What vital documents should my agency and translate and in what language?

We have staff available to answer questions about law or policy, assist with case strategy, offer referrals, and provide materials.


* * *

Recent Publications

* * *

More Great Resources Available at NIWAP Web Library:

The Resource Library and Technical Assistance Center provides timely information on a vast array of topics of interest to those working across the country to help immigrant victims, women and children. The wide range of materials includes legislative history, training manuals, toolkits, sample briefs and motions, factsheets, practice tools, research reports, benchcards, tools for law enforcement, and government policies and regulations. This searchable library of resources is designed to be used by OVW grantees and other advocates, attorneys, judges and service providers.

* * *

We’re on Youtube & Twitter:

NIWAP has its own YouTube channel. New to an issue? Access NIWAP training videos 24/7. We have posted our recent webinars. Topics include “Training for Advocates and Attorneys on Trauma-Informed Work with Immigrant Women”, “Obtaining U Visa Certification from Judges,” “An Introduction of Law Enforcement to the U Visa,” and “Law Enforcement and Advocates Partnering to Serve Immigrant Crime Victims.” These videos are helpful for new and seasoned immigrant advocates, attorneys, law enforcement, judges, court staff, and students. To view other materials from these webinars, visit the NIWAP library for training materials.

Follow @NIWAP_WCL on twitter to receive interesting and relevant updates.

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Find Professional Resources in your Area via our Directory

NIWAP’s directory of service providers offers a nationwide list of programs in your state and community that have expertise working with immigrant victims, women and children. Use our directory to make referrals and find assistance for immigrant crime victims. You can search by location, language, and organization type. Be sure to check that your organization is listed and all of your information is accurate. With your assistance, we can create a comprehensive list of where immigrant victims can turn to for help when in need.

* * *

Interested in receiving this newsletter yourself? Visit to subscribe to NIWAP’s email list, where you will receive newsletters, training announcements, and other timely updates.

© 2015 National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project. The contents of this publication may be reprinted. Any reprinting must be accompanied by the following acknowledgement: This material was reprinted from the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project, American University, Washington College of Law.

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