Directory of Service Providers

A directory of service providers with experience working with immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, U-visa crimes, and human trafficking. Find attorneys, advocates, and other legal assistance in your area.

Keep the directory up to date: add or edit your organization’s entry!

Note: Search for services in Oregon using the first 3 digits of your zip code instead. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Enter just the first 3 digits of your zip code to find programs in your immediate area.

Search suggestions and ideas:

  • Start your search with wider terms, such as state, city, or language, and use the list of results to find a program that suits your specific needs.
  • If there are many results from your state, search for the first two or three digits of your zip code to find programs in your immediate area.
  • Search by language to find programs with staff or volunteers who speak your client’s language. These programs may have materials in your client’s native language.
  • You can use this database to identify organizations in another state to which an immigrant victim is moving, or use it to inform the victim’s decision on where to move.
  • Law enforcement and other government officials can use the directory to locate advocacy and legal services programs who can assist crime victims in their states.
  • Courts and government agencies can use the directory to learn about programs with experience serving immigrant victims in their juridiction.
  • Identify programs in your state with expertise serving immigrant victims who should be involved in your Collaborative Community Response Team or other collaborative work.

Directions for updating information or adding your organization:

  1. Use the form above to find your organization. Try searching by one of the following:
    • The name of your organization
    • Your state
    • Your organization’s zip code
  2. If this search yields the name of your organization, please click “Edit” (or the pencil symbol) to update and complete the entry.
  3. If your organization is not listed, please click here to complete the “Add a Record” form.
  4. Note: The entry must be approved by an administrator, and may take a few days to show up.

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