[Disputanta, VA] Best Practices: Immigrant Crime Victims, Language Access and the U & T Visas

The U Visa was created as a crime fighting tool that removes the fear of deportation and encourages immigrant crime victims to report crime victimization to police and participate in criminal investigations and prosecutions. Provision of language access to police assistance at crime scenes results in improved accuracy of police reports, better crime scene investigations and more successful prosecutions. This training will discuss how providing qualified interpreters at crime scenes and U and T visa certification play crucial roles in improving community, victim and law enforcement officer safety.

This project is a collaboration between the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (NIWAP), whose work promotes the development, implementation, and use of laws, policies, and practices that benefit immigrant women and children; the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA), which has been providing law enforcement training and technical assistance for over 70 years, in fulfillment of their mission to support and enhance the professionalism of those whose job it is to serve and protect; AEquitas, the Prosecutors Resource on Violence Against Women, whose mission is to improve the quality of justice in sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and human trafficking cases by developing, evaluating, and refining prosecution practices that increase victim safety and offender accountability.

See this flyer for more details and a registration link!

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